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Ph.D. (7) Master (6)

강인성  Insung Kang

Current Position
 Senior Researcher, Unmmand Ground System, LIG Nex1, Pangyo

나시르 사에드  Nasir Saeed

Current Position
 Associate Professor at United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), Al Ain, UAE

도스트무하마드사킵바티  Dost Muhammad Saqib

Current Position
 Postdoctoral Researcher, ICSL, Hanyang University, Ansan

모신알리  Mohsin Ali

Current Position
 Assistant Professor at Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering and Information Technology, Punjab, P

서동호  Dongho Seo

Current Position
 Senior Researcher, Electronic Warfare Software R&D, LIG Nex1, Pangyo

오형국  Hyungkook Oh

Current Position
 Researcher, Agency for Defense Development (ADD), Daejeon

최민환  Minhwan Choi

Current Position
 Senior Researcher(Meister), Network Lab, KT R&D Center, Seoul

박지연  Jiyeon Park

Current Position
 Junior Engineer, Tactical Communication System Team, Hanwha Systems, Pangyo

윤우진  Woojin Yun

Current Position
 Research engineer, Electronic Warfare Software R&D, LIG Nex1, Pangyo

이시호  Siho Lee

Current Position
 Research Engineer, EW AI& Jamming Technology R&D, LIG Nex1, Pangyo

최병찬  Byungchan Choi

Current Position
 Research Engineer, RF Seeker R&D, LIG Nex1, Yongin

최재원  Jaewon Choi

Current Position
 CEO, Watt Inc.

허준  Jun Hur

Current Position
 Research Engineer, Korea Research Institute for defense Technology

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